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Building Wealth, Empowering Dreams

Personalised, Easy, Expert Help

All of our wealth building solutions includes a Kickstart Wealth Plan - a personalised, easy-to-understand plan with help from an expert to get to where you want to be with your money.

The Kickstart Wealth Plan takes the 6 Most important Aspects of your Money and helps you to streamline your finances, with a detailed plan and assistance from a qualified Financial Coach.

Our process is completely digital, making it easy, efficient and convenient for you to share information with us securely and ensure you are always in control and on track with your financial journey. 

Who is this for?

  • I want to easily understand how to reach my financial goals and aspirations

  • I want to sort out my finances and want to know what the best steps are to take

  • I want to grow my knowledge on money

  • What I get:

  • A personalised plan showing you how to optimise the 6 most important aspects of your money today so you can reach your financial goals.

  • The plan sets out practical steps for you to follow using easy language that anyone – regardless of their level of money savviness – can understand. 

  • It also includes a virtual consultation with the Financial Coach who completed your plan to help you grow your knowledge on your money, your financial goals and how to successfully reach them. 

  • What is a Financial Coach?

    And how they help you on your
    wealth building journey.

    What's included in your Kickstart Wealth Plan (examples):

    My Income & Spending

    Understand where to free up your cashflow through 7 key ratios. These breaks down your different types of:

  • Spending

  • Savings

  • Debt

  • An easy breakdown of opportunities to either free up cashflow, save more and/or pay off debt

  • My Financial Goals

    Understand how to reach my financial goals successfully:

  • How much my goal will cost me – in today’s money vs when I need to pay for it in future

  • How much do I need to save for my goal – monthly, yearly, etc.

  • What types of products can suit my goal savings – e.g. based on time I have to save, the level of risk I can and should take to achieve the required return

  • My ‘Money Urgency’ List

    Urgent things you can do to either sort out your money quicker or capture opportunities you have to reach more of your goals:

  • How to optimise my debt

  • How to free up money to save more

  • Which goals are important to add/prioritise given your age and/or dependants