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Building Wealth, Empowering Dreams

How it works - 5 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Buy & Register

  • Click on the "Buy Now" button on the relevant plan which will direct you to a contact page. Let us know which plan you want to sign up for and we will send you the sign-up and payment details.

  • When the sign-up and payment is complete, you will be directed to our secure online platform for registration to complete sign-up and email verification

  • You'll receive an email once registration is done. This email details the information needed for Step 2 (below).

  • Step 2: Submit your info online

  • Our secure online platform makes it easy and safe to share your information with us.

  • It only takes 30-45mins on average to complete your information online

  • There are 7 short categories to complete, and you’ll be prompted to capture only the critical info fields needed, as applicable to you

  • This info is used to tailor your personalised plan and includes what your financial goals are, what you own and what you owe, your income and spending, etc.

  • Step 3: Your Financial Coach completes your personalised plan

  • Once you’ve shared your information online as per Step 2, a qualified Financial Coach is assigned to work on your personalised plan

  • Your info is analysed and your plan tailored by your Financial Coach to show you how to optimise the 6 most important aspects of your money today so you can reach your financial goals.

  • For Complete- and DIY Wealth Building clients, your Financial Coach will also complete your Best-fit Product Analysis and Review report in addition at this step. 

  • For more info on our Financial Coaches click here

  • Step 4: Getting your Personalised plan

  • Your personalised plan will be emailed to you (password protected) within 5 working days post submitting your info as per Step 2

  • Your Kickstart Wealth Plan sets out practical steps to follow in easy language to help you to know where you’re going (your goals) and how to get there from where you’re at today. For more info on the Kickstart Wealth plan content, click here

  • Complete- and DIY Wealth Building clients will also receive their Best-Fit Product review with their Kickstart Wealth Plan, that identifies best-fit products for your financial goals and a comprehensive review of your current products

  • Step 5: Meeting your Financial Coach

  • The email with your finalised plan(s) will have a link you can access to book a virtual meeting with the Financial Coach who worked on your plan

  • The time with your Financial Coach gives you the opportunity to discuss your plan and your Financial Coach to answer any related questions

  • The length of time that you can book with your Financial Coach will depend on the type of wealth building plan that you’ve purchased*. 

  • Engagement with your Financial Coach helps to empower you with the info and expert guidance you need to make important money decisions confidently and successfully reach your financial goals.   

  • *The Kickstart Wealth plan includes a 60mins virtual consultation, the DIY Wealth Building plan includes a 90mins virtual consult and Complete Wealth Building clients includes an initial 120mins virtual meeting and continuous engagement thereafter with your dedicated Financial Coach to implement, stay on track, etc.   
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