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Building Wealth, Empowering Dreams

Integrum DIY Wealth Building Plan

The Integrum DIY Wealth Building Plan has 4 elements designed to empower you with the knowledge you need to implement your personalised plan on your own with confidence:

    PART 1: 

    Me, My Setup and My Goals - Clarity on where I want to go

    Your wealth building journey is as unique as you are – the starting point of your plan is YOU

  • Understanding my unique personal setup – age, type of employment, dependents, etc.

  • Identifying what is important to me – my financial goals and dreams

  • Assigning priority across my different financial goals

  • PART 2: 

    The Stocktake - Understanding where I am today

    Every aspect of your money needs to work together to help you build your wealth 

  • How I earn & how I spend

  • Understanding my spending

  • How to optimize my spending to reach my goals

  • What I own / My assets (e.g. savings, investments, property, etc.)

  • How to use and optimize my assets to reach my goals

  • What I owe / My liabilities (e.g. home loan, vehicle loan, credit cards, etc.)

  • Understanding my debt and what it is (really) costing me

  • How to optimize my debt to help me reach my goals

  • If something goes wrong / My insurance (medical, home, life, etc.)

  • How to ensure my family and I will have enough

  • PART 3:

    The Complete Wealth Plan – How to reach my goals

  • My Starting Point

  • What’s going well

  • What’s going okay

  • What needs urgent fixing (before my goals)

  • Guidance on potential ‘blind spots’ in my goals based on my personal- or family setup and/or life stage

  • Classified goals into one of three categories

  • On Track – I am well on my way to reach this goal(s)

  • Needs Help – this goal(s) needs adjustment to reach it

  • Brand New – new goals/goals not started yet

  • Clearly detailed financial goals according to priority, including rand amounts, time to reach goal, etc.

  • Guidance and suggestions per goal on how to reach the goal and what important elements/aspects are for me to consider

  • PART 4:

    How to Implement My Plan – Best-fit products

    Knowing which products are best suited to your unique goals is a major step in your wealth building journey

  • My Financial Coach identifies best-fit products for each of my goals, looking at return, risk, pricing, tax efficiency, etc.

  • My Financial Coach reviews and shares a comparison with me on my existing products per goal looking at return, risk, pricing, tax efficiency, etc.

  • I discuss the best-fit products with my Financial Coach in a 90 mins virtual consultation

  • I implement my plan and best-fit products suited to my financial goals

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