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Building Wealth, Empowering Dreams

Integrum Complete Wealth Building Plan

The Complete Wealth Building Solution has 7 elements and is our flagship “transformational” offer.   

This plan helps you to put your personalised plan into action. Not only will you have access to personalised insights and planning but also dedicated, on-going guidance from your qualified Financial Coach to support you throughout your wealth building journey and reaching your financial goals


    PART 1: 

    Me, My Setup and My Goals - Clarity on where I want to go

    Your wealth building journey is as unique as you are – the starting point of your plan is YOU

  • Understanding my unique personal setup – age, type of employment, dependents, etc.

  • Identifying what is important to me – my financial goals and dreams

  • Assigning priority across my different financial goals

  • PART 2: 

    The Stocktake - Understanding where I am today

    Every aspect of your money needs to work together to help you build your wealth 

  • How I earn & how I spend

  • Understanding my spending

  • How to optimize my spending to reach my goals

  • What I own / My assets (e.g. savings, investments, property, etc.)

  • How to use and optimize my assets to reach my goals

  • What I owe / My liabilities (e.g. home loan, vehicle loan, credit cards, etc.)

  • Understanding my debt and what it is (really) costing me

  • How to optimize my debt to help me reach my goals

  • If something goes wrong / My insurance (medical, home, life, etc.)

  • How to ensure my family and I will have enough

  • PART 3:

    The Complete Wealth Plan – How to reach my goals

  • My Starting Point

  • What’s going well

  • What’s going okay

  • What needs urgent fixing (before my goals)

  • Guidance on potential ‘blind spots’ in my goals based on my personal- or family setup and/or life stage

  • Classified goals into one of three categories

  • On Track – I am well on my way to reach this goal(s)

  • Needs Help – this goal(s) needs adjustment to reach it

  • Brand New – new goals/goals not started yet

  • Clearly detailed financial goals according to priority, including rand amounts, time to reach goal, etc.

  • Guidance and suggestions per goal on how to reach the goal and what important elements/aspects are for me to consider

  • PART 4:

    How to Implement My Plan – Best-fit products

    Knowing which products are best suited to your unique goals is a major step in your wealth building journey

  • My Financial Coach identifies best-fit products for each of my goals, looking at return, risk, pricing, tax efficiency, etc.

  • My Financial Coach reviews and shares a comparison with me on my existing products per goal looking at return, risk, pricing, tax efficiency, etc.

  • I discuss the best-fit products with my Financial Coach in a 120 mins virtual consultation (or 2 x 60mins)

  • I confirm the best-fit products I would like to use with my Financial Coach and discuss next steps

  • PART 5:

    Implementing My Plan – My personal Financial Coach implements my plan

    It’s time to put your plan into action!

  • Implementation of my chosen best-fit products done by my Financial Coach

  • Regular progress updates from my Financial Coach

  • At the end of this step, I have an implemented personalised wealth building plan to reach my financial goals!

  • PART 6:

    Staying on Track – ongoing support from my Financial Coach

    Stay on track with access to a dedicated Financial Coach at each step on your wealth building journey

  • Online access to my Financial Coach to discuss any questions/queries related to my finances and wealth building plan

  • One formal Complete Wealth Building review per year with my Financial Coach – to do any adjustments to my plan as needed

  • My Financial Coach also supports me through;

  • Continually monitoring my goal progress and product performance

  • Sharing updates on any regulatory, tax and other developments that might have an influence or be applicable to me

  • I have access to Integrum Wealth Building webinars and educational content

  • PART 7:

    Reaching My Goals! 

    At Integrum we’re as serious about the finishing post as the starting line! 

  • I’m enjoying the realising of my financial goals and completing my wealth building journey!

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