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Building Wealth, Empowering Dreams


With 45 years being ‘on the inside’ of large financial corporates in SA, we know how money and financial products work. More importantly, we’ve seen first hand what we believe to be fundamentally missing from what providers are offering and focus on: 

That is, giving people practical know-how and personalised, professional guidance on all aspects of their money that empowers them to reach their financial goals.

Who we are and what defines us go beyond our professional experience and credentials*. 

For us, it’s about something bigger. 

*Our professional qualifications Includes CFA® Charter Holders, Certified Financial Planner(s)®, Diploma(s) in Financial Planning, Diploma(s) in Financial Coaching, etc.

We’ve been part of senior and executive management teams in banks, asset managers and financial advisory companies in SA


Proper financial guidance and professional money advice have typically been reserved for only the top wealthy in SA. It is our dream to open the doors and give people access to the appropriate knowledge, personalised guidance, and professional advice that they need to realise their full financial potential. 

Our purpose it to make wealth building a reality for ordinary, tax paying South Africans who have the desire to realise their financial dreams, both for themselves and their families. 

This is how we define building wealth: having the practical know-how and guidance on your money that you need to empower your financial decisions and achieve your financial goals. 


So how do we take what previously was only reserved for a select few and open it up – at scale – to anyone who’s serious about their financial goals?


We do this by following The 5 Keys, our core principles, to help our clients unlock their full financial potential:

  • KEY 1: We talk like real people         

  • KEY 2: We support you through a (real) dedicated expert

  • KEY 3: We personalise it             

  • KEY 4: We leverage the benefits of digital

  • KEY 5: We price to put you in control

  • Learn More The Kickstart Wealth and other wealth building plans

    are the practical solutions scoped to make this type of financial empowerment a reality.

    This is WHY we are doing things differently:

    helping our clients to build their wealth and empower their dreams.