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Building Wealth, Empowering Dreams

The 5 Keys

We use 5 Keys to help you unlock your full financial potential. 

It enables us to offer what previously has been reserved for the select few to anyone who’s serious about their financial goals

1.  We talk like real people

This means breaking down everything so its straightforward, simple and easy for anyone to understand. Helping you to get the complete money know-how that you need and, better yet, know exactly how to apply it within your own money context. 

2.  We support you through a (real) dedicated expert

Using an online financial tool like a budgeting calculator is nice but, let’s be honest, money is emotional! And most of us want to be able to talk to a (real, expert) person when it comes to our money. We believe that having a trusted expert to help guide and support you on the different aspects of your money plays a massive role in the success of achieving your financial goals.

From helping you to know what to focus on first, creating a clear plan between your financial goal starting and end points, to helping you steer the course, stay on track or just check-in on urgent money questions - we offer you access to a dedicated, professional Financial Coach to help and support you throughout your wealth building journey.

3.  We personalise it

Whilst there is a place for general financial education and ‘rules of thumb’, your family and money context are as unique as your financial goals and the journey that lies ahead. 

We believe the crux of getting the real, practical money know-how you need is not in giving more general money tips, but through providing personalised guidance on your (own) money and financial goals. All our wealth building plans are personalised and tailored to your unique financial context and goals.  

4. We leverage the benefits of technology

We primarily use digital because the combination of data, technology and virtual meeting platforms enables us to offer personalised, human guidance to more people within a shorter timeframe.

Leveraging digital capabilities further means we’re able to offer our services in a cost-effective way, lowering the cost to you, our client and is critical in giving more people access to professional financial advice. Our secure online platform makes it safe, easy and convenient for you to engage with us, share detail and keep track of your personalised wealth building plan.  

5.  We price to put you in control

Our pricing is not in any way related to your level of income or the value of your investments. We also do not require a minimum income or investment amount from our clients before or after taking up any of our wealth building solutions. This means that every client gets access to the same quality of service irrespective of what their ‘net worth’ is.  

Our preferred ongoing advice fee works on a “subscription-like” basis. On-going advice fees are typically charged as a percentage of a your investments. In line with our purpose, we follow a different approach. We offer on-going advice and support through a nominal monthly fee, ensuring that:

  • You can cancel our service at any time once you have reached the financial goals you wanted to or feel confident to manage the journey on your own,

  • All clients are treated equally i.e. clients with higher investment balances do not pay us more and therefore ‘get priority’,

  • Further ensuring we’re constantly at the top of our game in servicing and supporting you, and

  • (Most importantly!) This type of pricing doesn’t negatively impact your investment growth over time (something that traditional percentage-based advice fees does, and most investors aren’t aware of).