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Building Wealth, Empowering Dreams

Wealth Management

is not only about managing your wealth once you have it, but about
building your wealth

for when you need it

Your Dream

Professional money advice in SA has typically been reserved for the high income or the ‘top wealthy’ - we are changing that.

We help ordinary South Africans - those who do not consider themselves as 'wealthy' (yet) - to successfully build their wealth and realise their financial dreams.

Even if you’re unsure about your goals or how to turn your financial dreams into reality, our process helps you get clear and specific with a practical plan and expert help to get you where you want to be. 

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Your Plan

Every aspect of your money needs to work together when you want to realise your financial dreams. 

The Kickstart Wealth Plan gives you the practical know-how and personalised guidance to optimise the 6 most important aspects of your money.   

The DIY- and Complete Wealth Building Plans help you to unlock your full financial potential by getting expert advice and practical support you need, in a simple, easy and empowering way.  

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Your Journey

Money can be quite emotional and having a trusted expert to help and guide you plays a critical part in your success. This person is your Financial Coach, who helps you with professional advice and support to reach your financial goals.  

Our process is completely digital, making it easy, efficient and convenient for you to share information with us securely and ensure you are always in control and on track with your financial journey.  Kickstart your journey today!

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Why Integrum?

Integrum = Complete (Latin)

1. The finishing line is as serious as the starting point – we help you to start and complete your financial goals and wealth building journey.

2. Every aspect of your money needs to work together to help you build your wealth – we help you optimise your spending, debt, investments and insurance to support your complete journey success.

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